The art of prototyping a game on paper

Ideas, concepts and brainstorm often start with a piece a paper. Even though the poet Charles Simic proclaimed "writing with a pen or pencil on a piece of paper is becoming an infrequent activity". Working on a young high-tech coffee-packed-hardcore-gamer environment doesn't mean running away from the basic art of prototyping a game on paper. In the age of the Internet, where so many distraction stop people mind to focus more than one hour, putting a pen on a piece of paper is clearly the Aurorainno fantastic team (which makes me, fantastic too per se) way of sharing thoughts, laughs and visual concepts. Let me share with you a few quick drawing from Alleen, our UI maestro.

#workinprogress #drawing #iphone #game #android #dog #ios #astrodog #mobilegame #fun #space

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