Monsters Express available in Canada

Monsters Express Canada

Monsters Express is now available in Canada and Hong Kong. Why Canada first? That is because Canadian players are the best! So, if you live in Canada, you can help us with making Monsters Express a better game. For that, please fill up this very 2 questions form:

To ensure that the final version of the game is pitch perfect and most of all, crazy FUN, we really need your feedback:

  • Any game element not logical for you

  • Any frustrating game element: enemies, maps, difficulty or anything else

  • Any bug: crash, lagging, freezing issue occurring on your device

  • Anything else is obviously welcome, so are suggestions and ideas

If you live in Canada or Hong Kong, this means you can already download the game on iOS and Android:


Google Play:

If you live outside Canada or Hong Kong and you want to an access to Monsters Express, please fill up this super short form:

You can send us your feedback through this form:

You can also talk with us directly on Facebook

Thank you very much!

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